Payment and Insurance

Health Insurance

If you are covered by any health insurance, remember this is a contract between you and your insurance broker. We can fill and submit the claim for you. To ensure proper processing of your claim, we need to provide all relevant and updated information the day of your surgery. This includes all forms filled by the patient requiring insurance.

• Amount "Usual, Reasonable and Customary"

Some insurance companies have established maximum amounts "usual, customary and reasonable" that they pay for a specific procedure.

These amounts vary depending on insurance. We will help you submit your claims, but any amount not paid by insurance is the responsibility of the patient. We will require a copayment before leaving the hospital.

• Prior Authorization / Patient Referrals

Some insurance require preauthorization or for you to fill some form in which they refer to the patient before surgery. It is the patient's responsibility to know if you need pre-authorization or referral for surgery. If you are unsure of the need for a referral, please ask your insurance.

Insurance Companies we work with:

  • Mediprocesos
  • Seguros G&T
  • Panamerican Life
  • Seguros El Roble
  • Mapfre
  • Aseguradora General
  • Seguros Universales
  • Seguros de Occidente
  • Seguros Agromercantil
  • Chartis
  • Asistencia Medica
  • International Insurance Companies
    • BUPA
    • BMI
    • Vanbreda
    • CIGNA International
    • And more...

Cosmetic Procedures

Like many of the insurance do not cover any cosmetic surgical procedure, you will need to pay the total procedure the day of your appointment. If you are unsure of what are considered cosmetic procedures, please ask your insurance about coverage.

Professional Fees

Ask your doctor for his fees. Most likely the payment must be done in the hospital. The payment of fees may be pay by check or cash. Questions according to your doctor's bill should be directed to their offices.