Hospital Admission Process

We want to do everything possible to ensure that your experience is a positive one here at Multim├ędica Hospital. We will be calling a few days prior to your procedure to obtain the following information:

  • Medical History.
  • Relevant test results (eg, laboratory, x-rays, etc.).
  • Payment information.

You must be authorized to have surgery by your treating physician if you have any pre-existing medical condition you would need to let them know.

Please plan to spend a few minutes providing us with some information when we call. If you have not been contacted within two days before your surgery, please call PBX 2385 7877.

If for some reason you have to change your appointment, let your doctor know so he / she can decide whether it is possible to postpone it.

Pre-Operative Instructions

Surgery may create some anxiety and stress. These are common reactions, but it would be best to talk to your doctor and anesthesiologist. They can answer your questions and discuss the best plan of anesthesia for you.

Family and Friends

You must be accompanied by a responsible person who can drive you home after the procedure and assist with post-operative care. It is not necessary that this person waits for you at Multimedica Hospital during your procedure. Your companion can provide us with a phone number where they can be reached when you are ready (a) to be discharged.

Time of Arrival

You should go to the hospital an hour before the scheduled time of your procedure.

Our staff will complete your registration, we will put the right clothes, we will fill your pre-operative orders that will be required by your doctor and we will answer any questions you have. Please be on time. A delay in getting started with your case can affect all other patients scheduled for that day

  1. Do not eat or drink (including water) after midnight the day before your surgery (this includes gum and candy). If you take medications please follow the instructions given by your physician and / or anesthesiologist. If you smoke, avoid it.
  2. Do not wear eye makeup or contact lenses. It's better if you do not use any makeup.
  3. Leave all valuables at home. Leave your contact lenses at home if possible. If necessary, bring your glasses to assist you in completing the necessary forms.
  4. Dress comfortable, preferably with flat shoes and comfortable clothing.
  5. You must have a responsible adult to drive you back home. We will not authorize you to drive or take a taxi.
  6. When you arrive at Multimedica Hospital the day of your procedure, please report to reception.
  7. If you take any medications, talk to your doctor to see if you can take it before your procedure. If you take insulin take it as it was prescribed by your doctor. However let him know that you are having surgery.
  8. If your child is the one going to have surgery, bring a favorite toy or blanket. Also bring any special foods that your child may need.
  9. After surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area and where you will receive a written post-operative instruction.


Recovery Process

After your surgery, you will be taken to the recovery area; where nurses will provide you with special care needed for patients who received anesthesia.

Upon arrival at the recovery area, the anesthesiologist will give a full report of your surgery and a nurse status from the Recovery Area.

Highly trained nurses will monitor your condition closely. You may have blurry vision, dry mouth and chills. The bandages are checked and vital signs are monitored continuously. If you have any pain, tell your nurse. Because of anesthesia you may not remember everything that happened while in the Recovery Area.

Before leaving, you will be instructed in what you would need to do at home, if you can try to bring someone who can also listen for these instructions. Always ask everything you want to know.

Someone from the Hospital will call you after your surgery for a checkup. Be sure to mention all the problems you have.

Write your questions and concerns and take your list when you visit your doctor for a checkup.